Friday, April 22, 2016

"Open Carry of Guns in Florida?" State Representative Dave Kerner is one of the leading opponents of "open carry" laws

In the week's (4/21) Lake Worth Herald* is an article by Representative Dave Kerner about guns. If you didn't know, he is not running for re-election to that seat and is instead focused on having a seat on the Palm Beach County Commission. Below are excerpts from Kerner's article in the Herald: 

     "During this past legislative session, your Florida Legislature grappled with several issues important to Floridians. From an 82 billion budget, to increased accessed to affordable healthcare, the lives of every Floridian was impacted in one way or another during the sixty day legislative session. 
     A large part of the issue driven debate centered upon 3 National Rifle Association bills that would have dramatically altered the landscape of Florida law, and the safety of our community."

[and. . .]

     "As the press has reported, and I will confirm, I was the lead opponent of each of these bills. As a former police officer and special prosecutor, and as the son of a career Lake Worth Police Department Deputy Chief, I have spent most of my life around weapons. I value and respect the 2nd Amendment, along with every other concept within our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
     There are times in our lives when we have to stand up loudly and resolutely against someone or something, with the knowledge that the repercussions will be severe. For me, one of those times was in opposition to the 3 NRA bills discussed [in the Herald article]."

[and. . .]
     "I am proud to announce that all 3 NRA bills died this year, although they advanced very far into the legislative session. 
     Certainly, the death of these 3 bills was not the result of my efforts alone, but a result of the democratic process. I take comfort in that, and you should as well."

*To pick up the print edition of the Herald go to the City's news stand across the street from the Starbuck's downtown. A nice man named Andy will assist you.