Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Find out why the Lake Worth ROLO 'neighborhood' is referred to as the "Hermit Kingdom"

The president of the Residences (note: not the "Residents") of Lake Osborne (ROLO) spoke at the City Commission last night and things seem to be spinning out of control. This all started when ROLO claimed to be representing their entire area of the City and that couldn't be further from the truth.

In the first video below Mrs. McGiveron responds to what Commissioner Andy Amoroso said in a previous meeting (that video is the second one). Now we discover the ROLO rules for how an elected official gets to speak at their meetings:
  • The official needs to contact ROLO with a request to speak at their meeting
  • Then ROLO holds a meeting to see if that official will be allowed to speak
  • Then ROLO contacts the official with their decision
Really? Kind of reminds you of North Korea doesn't it? Watch for yourself:
Watch the following video to hear Amoroso talk about his "communication" with ROLO. The person he refers to is that staunch 'conservative Republican' who opposes almost any and all economic development in Lake Worth. And yes, she's in ROLO too. She left the room before Amoroso could respond with the following information:
Below is one example of a "Hermit Kingdom" and note the line in the video, "hostility towards the outside world".


Anonymous said...

Ms. Mgiveron is such a happy cheerful well adjusted person.

Russ said...

Shuffling the cards for public comments so that "the commission's friends" get priority? Then how is it that she or Ms. Obtuse (and any number of their circle of cranks) ALWAYS get to spew two minutes of pointless drivel?

Batters up said...

The obtuse one and the hermit queen offer little to our community, except obstructionism and negativity. Hey, here's a thought, since they don't like the county's idea of baseball in John Prince Patk, why don't they offer another suitable location to be considered?

It's because they don't have any ideas!

They just like to hear themselves squawk, and no one is listening except the dozen or so lemmings who think they are the queens of LW.

Sorry, TOB and the hermit queen, LW is privileged to have some of the finest Queens in the county... Our very own beloved Drag Queens... And those two aren't good enough to carry their tiaras.

Hmmm... I'm wondering if we can all learn to bitch slap like the drag queens, 'cause I'm wanting to bitch slap the rude TOB and obnoxious hermit queen over the right field fence. That would be a home run in my book.

And the crowd goes wild!!!!

Anonymous said...

Both Katie McGiveron and her BFF Lynn Anderson are ridiculous. No one wants to listen to their babble any more. How about Katie complaining about Vice Mayor Maxwell not talking to ROLO about baseball right after tell everyone that electeds can only speak at ROLO after they submit a request to speak to McGiveron who supposedly takes it to the ROLO Board to see if permission is granted.

Anonymous said...

That NA has no ones best interest in mind accept the lunatics McGiver and Lynn. They are incapable of empathy or concern for others. They cannot have others speak at their meetings because they refuse to hear opposing ideas. It should not be called an NA.

Anonymous said...

The three broads from ROLO - Katie, Lynn and Mary - act like they speak for all residents in ROLO. That is very far from the truth.