Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Find out why the Lake Worth ROLO 'neighborhood' is referred to as the "Hermit Kingdom"

The president of the Residences (note: not the "Residents") of Lake Osborne (ROLO) spoke at the City Commission last night and things seem to be spinning out of control. This all started when ROLO claimed to be representing their entire area of the City and that couldn't be further from the truth.

In the first video below Mrs. McGiveron responds to what Commissioner Andy Amoroso said in a previous meeting (that video is the second one). Now we discover the ROLO rules for how an elected official gets to speak at their meetings:
  • The official needs to contact ROLO with a request to speak at their meeting
  • Then ROLO holds a meeting to see if that official will be allowed to speak
  • Then ROLO contacts the official with their decision
Really? Kind of reminds you of North Korea doesn't it? Watch for yourself:
Watch the following video to hear Amoroso talk about his "communication" with ROLO. The person he refers to is that staunch 'conservative Republican' who opposes almost any and all economic development in Lake Worth. And yes, she's in ROLO too. She left the room before Amoroso could respond with the following information:
Below is one example of a "Hermit Kingdom" and note the line in the video, "hostility towards the outside world".