Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A lawsuit, a historic buiding, and a city trying to find a solution. No, it's not the Gulfsteam hotel in Lake Worth.

The continuing story about the Boynton Beach historic high school, well, continues. Here is the latest from Alexandra Seltzer and an excerpt:

     "The commissioners are expected to discuss the site at Tuesday’s meeting and have a choice to make: Begin negotiations with Rick Gonzalez’ for his plan of turning the 1927 building into a community cultural center; throw out Gonzalez’s plan; or table it.
     Commissioners might go with the latter because of an ongoing three-year lawsuit many thought would be over by now. The suit accuses the city of breach of contract after commissioners voted down Juan Contin’s plan to use private money to develop the school into an events and destination center.
     If they do table a vote, it would likely come back in August, said City Manager Lori LaVerriere."

If you would like to see the agenda for this meeting tonight use this link and click on "View Agenda".