Friday, March 27, 2015

CBS12/WPEC's Jonathan Beaton: what hath you done?

Only 3 days ago featured a news story by Jonathan Beaton and, admittedly, the story was a good one. Other than a misleading headline, the hilariously staged scene of a commissioner who "just happened" to walk by, and a factual error the rest of the story was fairly represented. 

And now this:
Here is the text from the article with a little loaded language and many typos:
Lake Worth Lawmakers Lobby For Big Bucks
Story by Jonathan Beaton/CBS12 News
LAKE WORTH (CBS12) -- The city of Lake Worth is asking Florida lawmakers for a whopping $7.5 million, which will be used to attract companies and bring jobs in a town with double digit unemployment.

CBS 12 learned the mayor, along with the city mayor [should be "along with the city manager"] just got back from Tallahassee and Washington D.C. where they lobbied for the cash.

In a city with 13.3% unemployment and a 30% poverty rate, an economic boost is desperately needed, that from Mayor Pam Triolo. 
“The hope has been there for 30 years. What we’re trying to do is realize this dream that has been dreamt for a long time to bring in economic development to our community,” said Mayor Triolo. 
City Manager Michael Bornste [s/b Bornstein] agrees but admits it’s a big job.

The Park of Commerce needs more than just a facelift, parts of the industrial area demand roads, sewage and sidewalks.
“People look at this place but they don’t move here because it’s not shovel ready,” said Michael Bornstein. 
The bright side is the Park’s location, which Mayor Trioli says is the winning ticket to bringing in new companies and subsequent jobs.
“So you’ve got access to the Turnpike, to 95 and of course to our beautiful ocean,” said Mayor Trioli.

The hope is to also relieve the burden on homeowners, who have been paying steep property taxes for years, due to the lack of area businesses.

“We need help to subsidize our tax base. We don’t collect that much in property taxes. We we’re one of the communities hit hardest by the recession.”
We’ll find out what the legislature decides in the next two months.
Jonathan Beaton also had trouble with another city officials name a little while back, Commissioner Andy Amoroso, which he repeatedly misspelled "Amaroso". Instead of fixing the mistake CBS12 found it easier to just take down the link.

Does all of Palm Beach County get such shoddy reporting by CBS12 or is it only reserved for the little City of Lake Worth?