Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Other Blogger (TOB) and her misleading, long lists of "Crime Lake Worth"

OK, there is crime in Lake Worth. Also have it on good authority, if you can believe sources like The Palm Beach Post and NBC5/WPTV, there is crime in a few other areas in Palm Beach County as well. But TOB has a habit of posting these obnoxiously long lists of crime which no one is going to read, or verify, except for a reader of my blog with an attention to detail.
In TOB's latest rant about crime in Lake Worth are these:
  • 3 Beverage Violations (violations are not crimes)
  • 5 Other (what is "Other"? Not defined. Is "Other" a new crime?)
  • 2 Crimes outside the City of Lake Worth (1200 Block Mathis St and 1400 Block Lake Victoria)
And then there's the obligatory "Juvenile Trouble" (2) and "Disturbance" (5).

All this information is thrown out there without any context and also note that she never posts a list of arrests made; isn't that interesting?

This is nothing new from TOB; here is just one more example of her lack of research: There is no street in Lake Worth called "Lake Bass Circle". Be skeptical of those long lists, folks.