Thursday, March 26, 2015

What happened to all that babbling nonsense from Pastor Mike Olive and Common Ground (no 's') Church?

On March 3rd, The Raw Story, an on-line news magazine with 2.5 million monthly readers debunked the entire Common Ground (no 's') Church narrative. The story struggled to gain traction after that; now the story is a dead end.

But do you remember the early days of the story when CBS12/WPEC reporter Kathleen Walter did her best to give the story legs? And when websites preparing for "The End Times" got into the act? And when another website had this headline:

Lake Worth Florida is a God hating city

Let's go back to those first few hysterical days before the adults regained control of the situation:

Pastor Olive eventually caved and paid the $160 use/occupancy fee to the City like any other establishment is required to do. God works in mysterious ways. Praise the Lord and sell that coffee!