Wednesday, March 25, 2015

[UPDATE] Racist rant at City Hall—More News—where is The Palm Beach Post editorial board?

[UPDATE: Many of the public spoke at the City Commission Meeting last night (3/24) in outrage of Mrs. McNamara's use of the 'N-word' at that very location just 8 days prior. None was more outraged than former Commissioner Retha Lowe. Soon I'll have Retha Lowe's comments as a stand-alone video for my readers to watch for themselves; of course, The Palm Beach Post editorial board is also welcome to watch. Stay tuned.]

This is a major news story in the City of Lake Worth and The Palm Beach Post news division and the editorial board have decided to squash the story. Now, as witness intimidation has begun and The Lake Worth Herald is being attacked for publishing the story, you would think at least this would garner some attention from the Palm Beach County paper-of-record.

This is no longer about just racism any more. Now citizens and government officials are being targeted in order to silence them.

Here is an email that Lake Worth City Manager Michael Bornstein sent to Mrs. Dee McNamara on 3/24:

From: Michael Bornstein
Sent: Tuesday, March 24, 2015 12:55 PM
To: 'Dee McNamara';; Christopher McVoy; Lynn Anderson; Dennis Dorsey; Jesse Santamaria; Steven L. Abrams; Joseph Abruzzo; Katie Kkss21; Debra Smith Kimo; June Evans;; Jennifer Marchal;; ''; '';; Retha Lowe; Andy Amoroso; Christopher McVoy; John Szerdi; Pam Triolo; Scott Maxwell
Cc: Christy L. Goddeau; Clayton Lindstrom; Dolores Key; Germaine English; Jamie Brown; Joan Oliva; Juan Ruiz; Larry A. Johnson; Pamela Lopez; William Waters
Subject: RE: Lake Worth's 20 Acre Palm Beach Island Beach front land;Deeded to Lake Worth exclusively, not to Hudson Holdings or its'employee.


Due to the your recent outburst in the City Hall Chambers involving a racial slur, not once but twice, I feel compelled to respond. The honorable thing to do is to issue a publically stated apology for using the ‘N’ word in the Chambers. Lake Worth is proud of its diversity and openness, and I will not abide this kind of behavior in the people’s temple. Your nonfactual rants such as below about the elected officials and the staff will not be a distraction from this incident.


City Manager Bornstein is responding to a vicious email from Dee McNamara he received on 3/23. And, no, Dee McNamara did not apologize for using the 'N-word'.

On a totally different subject, my readers might find this quote interesting:
     Just because we refuse to have that public discussion [on race relations] doesn’t mean that tension is not there, lying below the surface, waiting for our own Ferguson, Staten Island or Cleveland.
     So instead of waiting, let’s start a dialogue. Let’s try to be honest about our negative (and erroneous) perceptions, so we can begin to move past them. Not yelling at, but talking to one another.
     It won’t be easy. But as my father always says, nothing worthwhile ever is.
     —Rick Christie, editor of The Palm Beach Post editorial board, in "Christie commentary: Can we finally have a conversation about race?", published on December 13, 2014.