Thursday, February 12, 2015

[UPDATE] Jonathan Beaton: CBS12 (WPEC), TV reporter/journalist repeatedly misspells commissioners name

[See end of this post for Update]

Apparently, Jonathan Beaton was at the Lake Worth Commission meeting last night. Here are excerpts from what he wrote:
     The city commission is holding a workshop Tuesday discussing where and when new, high tech lights will be installed along Lake Worth streets.
     It’s a push championed by others, including Commissioner Andy Amaroso, who’s focusing on the cash that could potentially be saved.
     “Bringing just a better business plan and a better city to citizens by saving them dollars,” said Commissioner Amaroso.
For Amaroso it’s a win win for a city he says is moving full speed ahead.
Of course, our District 3 Commissioner's name is Andy Amoroso. Will check back later to see if there is a correction from Jonathan Beaton. 
UPDATE: Two-hundred and sixteen (216) hours later and still no correction. Confirmation that WPEC/Channel 12 and reporter Jonathan Beaton aren't troubled by an incorrect, material item in a news report. Something to remember the next time you see a reporter from WPEC/Channel 12.