Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Tonight, 6:15, Recreation Advisory Board meeting at 501 Lake Ave. in Downtown Lake Worth. Attendees please be on time.

The agenda for tonight’s meeting is below.

And attendees this evening, always show proper respect to the Chair of this meeting and to the rules of order as well.

Worth noting is one or more members of any volunteer board or member of the City Commission can show up and speak at tonight’s meeting of the Recreation Advisory Board (RAB). This is a public meeting and all members of the public are encouraged to attend and speak at Public Comment if they wish.


On the agenda tonight will be a presentation
on proper meeting etiquette.

Everyone planning on attending this public meeting tonight of the RAB is advised to show up on time and watch the presentation on proper meeting etiquette at public meetings. No public comment will be taken on this agenda item. Everyone needs to be courteous and respectful to everyone else in attendance: the public, City staff, RAB board members and elected officials and former electeds as well.

Note that on January 31st — at a public meeting on 2019–2020 CDBG funding — proper meeting etiquette was not followed by some in attendance and this created unnecessary disruptions. Learn more about this topic below.

The staff liaison to the RAB is the inimitable Lauren Bennett, the director at the Dept. of Leisure Services. Bennett can be reached by email:

The RAB now meets bi-monthly. Tonight’s meeting will briefly address some topics from last December: Ethics training for board members, a new event called Archery Tag, Rec2Go, Rec Night Out and programs at Sunset Ridge Park.
    To learn more about all these new, recurring and exciting programs the City has to offer click on this link for the Dept. of Leisure Services.

    RAB agenda tonight.

    City of Lake Worth Recreation Advisory Board meeting.

    Leisure Services office at 501 Lake Ave.

    Feb. 20th [TONIGHT] at 6:15.

    • Roll Call.
    • Agenda: Additions, deletions, reordering.
    • Presentations (there is no public comment on presentation items): A) Meeting etiquette. B) Summer camp.
    • Public participation of non-agendaed items.
    • Approval of RAB minutes: Oct. 17th, 2018.
    • New Business: A) Recreation survey. B) Ethics training. C) Mission and vision. D) Spring baseball. E) Sunset Ridge Park walking signs. F) Open play hours at Sunset Park. G) Adult soccer. H) Flag football. I) Jaguars call to help for board members. J) Archery Tag. K) Bryant Park playground. L) Youth running program. M) Public school packets.
    • Unfinished business: Next meeting date, Wednesday, April 17th.
    • Board member comments.
    • Board liaison reports and comments.
    • Adjournment.

    Also Worth Noting:

    On Thursday, Feb. 28th at 6:00 the City Commission will have a work session to discuss how to use proceeds from FY2019–2020 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding. For background click on this link to learn more about the public meeting held on Jan. 30th at City Hall.