Monday, February 18, 2019

Reason #48. Why a brand new pool at the Lake Worth Beach is a stupid idea.

Question: Do you know where the water would come from to fill it and then maintain the water level?

The answer is below courtesy of WPTV. And get ready. The answer will surprise you.

The “Save Our Pool Noodle Platoon” came out recently at Lake Worth City Hall but it wasn’t enough. In fact they lost ground on some major points which will be discussed at a later time. And the Noodle Platoon claims to have eight hundred signatures in support but how many of those are actually from the City of Lake Worth? That is a major point.

And the Save Our Pool Noodle Platoon goes to great length to talk about the proud history of a municipal pool at the Beach but neglects to mention when “colored youths” and “Negroes” were denied access in the 1960s. This history cannot be ignored. This issue was a major one for former Commissioner Jo-Ann Golden but she was ignored in 2010 and to this day public access to the pool remains a major problem.

About the public Work Session on February 7th.

This was a Commission Work Session to discuss education issues and remaining proceeds from the County ¢1 sales tax increase that voters approved in Nov. 2016. Much thanks to School Board member Erica Whitfield for showing up and her contribution will be a topic all its own in a later blog post.

And just as predicted, the “Noodle Platoon” tried to hijack this Commission work session and make it all about their one and only issue. But alas, members of the anti-Pool Squad showed up and made sure that did not happen! See the YouTube video below.

Click on image to enlarge.

Bright pool noodles are the oft-used props by the Noodle Platoon. The anti-Noodle Squad did not need noodles. They came armed with facts.

There will be more about the Noodle Platoon later on. And later in this blog post is a video from that public meeting, a candidate in the District 4 race on March 12th.

However, one little tiny piece of information was left out of the presentation and at public comment by members of the Noodle Platoon. This is information which makes District 4 candidate Tom Copeland look like a genius.


Where does the water come from to fill a pool
at the Lake Worth Beach?

That information, just by coincidence that very same night, comes courtesy of reporter Wanda Moore at WPTV (NBC5) in a news report titled, “Following West Palm Beach drinking water from source to tap”.

Here are the first two paragraphs:

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — West Palm Beach has a unique drinking water system compared to other municipalities because the city uses surface water.

The two main sources are Lake Okeechobee and Grassy Waters Everglades Preserve.

You see!

The water to fill a pool at the Lake Worth Beach comes from water lines in the Town of Palm Beach. Where does the Town of Palm Beach get their water from? Palm Beach gets their water from West Palm Beach which does not have a beach. So the water to fill a pool at the Lake Worth Beach comes from Lake Okeechobee!

So doesn’t this make the case for constructing a new pool somewhere else in the City of Lake Worth and using water from OUR Lake Worth Water Utility!

The water to fill a pool at Lake Worth Beach WOULD NOT come from Lake Worth Water Utilities! Lake Worth Water Utility water is from wells and a reverse osmosis plant and is considered some of the best public water in South Florida!

The question really comes down to: How safe is water from Lake Okeechobee? Can you trust that water as much as Lake Worth water?

And please tell me: How resilient and sustainable is a pool at the Lake Worth Beach getting its water from West Palm?

Lesson #48 today is another reason why a pool at the Lake Worth Beach is stupid. And not sustainable either.

Now listen for yourself to District 4 candidate Tom Copeland.

Stay tuned for Reasons #49–#68 shortly.

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