Wednesday, September 12, 2018

What is the future for the City of Lake Worth? Does the past give any clues?

Whilst on topic of the past, the Lake Worth Historical Museum is reopening today at 1:00. The venue was remodeled over the Summer for the upcoming Season. To learn more about this very popular museum use this link.

Before we get to the Arts Cultural Master Plan recently unveiled for the Downtown (see below) and how the “Visioning” process works, let’s briefly take a look back at news published in the Lake Worth Herald:

One month ago citizens of Palm Beach and Dade counties were elated over the fact that the contract had been let by the State of Florida for the construction of the West Palm Beach canal.

and later in the article. . .

     It will be three years from this month before the canal is completed if it is run through on schedule time. If the canal is started from the west end first the property owners within miles of the canal will be flooded for three long years with water that will be continually pouring out of Lake Okeechobee thru the canal on the lands below.

News headlined, “The Importance of P. B. Canal” and subtitled, “Property Holders to Start the Palm Beach Canal From Lake Worth West to Lake Okeechobee.” Published on January 23rd, 1913, from The Lake Worth Herald online archives.

For the most recent news in The Lake Worth Herald use this link or pick up the print edition at Studio 205, the City’s newsstand located at 205 N. Federal Hwy. To contact the editor at the Herald call 561-585-9387 or by email:

For more information about the “P. B. Canal” cited in the Herald one hundred and five years ago, a waterway which is now called the C-51 Canal and the future Blueway Trail click on this link.

Now on to, “What exactly is Visioning”?
Below are two examples.

Next Wednesday on the agenda at the Historic Resource Preservation Board (at City Hall, 6:00) will be another look at the Arts Cultural Master Plan for Downtown Lake Worth.

This is all part of a very long visioning process and it should be no cause for alarm. Unless you think there is some ‘scheming’ going on. Take for example the recent Lake Worth Beach and Casino Complex presentations, a short story about a silly cat and a dog house and a prediction that came true.

What is visioning?

Here are some visions, a list compiled last July
in City Hall. Click on visions to enlarge:

The City held an all-day Visioning Work Session on July 24th. Some liked the visions. Others didn’t. One local editor acerbically dubbed the L-Dub Vision facilitator “Carnac the Magnificent”.

This is the process of “Visioning” the future. It’s all about ideas, ideas, and more ideas.

Here are more ideas:

So what is the public’s role in all this? Attend public meetings. Contact your elected officials. And then in 6 months and 3 days comes March 12th, 2019. Municipal Election Day. To see who is running in District 2 and 4 click on this link