Tuesday, September 11, 2018


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Front page news in Palm Beach Post: Clarification needed for readers in tomorrow’s [today’s] print edition.

Update: Was a clarification issued by the editor(s) at the Post. No and no regular readers of the Post expected one.

Clarifications and corrections in the Post, when they are issued, are published on page A2 below the fold. There is not a prominent link for the online readership to look over recent and past clarifications and corrections like other newspapers do. Many newspapers also employ what is called an ombudsman on the editorial board to keep the public updated and informed.

The tragic plane crash last Sunday in John Prince Park was front page news in Monday’s Palm Beach Post. This incident occurred in what is called “suburban Lake Worth”, or unincorporated Palm Beach County (see map below). Here is a paragraph in Monday’s paper, on the front page:

     The NTSB [National Transportation Safety Board] and the Federal Aviation Administration – which said the plane came from Key West – will work to determine the cause of the crash that happened about a mile northeast of the Palm Beach County Park Airport in Lantana. [emphasis added]

The PBC Park Airport is not
‘in Lantana.’

This airport (FAA Identifier: LNA) is along Congress Ave. immediately to the east of Atlantis about 200–300′ from Congress Ave (see map below). The area shaded blue nearest the crash site is the Village of Palm Springs. East of the PBC Park Airport, across Lake Osborne, is the unincorporated area called Lake Osborne Estates and further east is the Town of Lantana (shaded red).

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The crash site is south of 6th Ave. South and east of Palm Springs (Congress Ave. runs north-south;
Lantana Rd. runs east-west).

North of Lantana is the City of Lake Worth.
Both John Prince Park and the regional PBC airport are “unincorporated” or can also be called “suburban Lake Worth”.

Here are the municipal limits of Lantana (shaded):

If you are interested in learning more about the Town of Lantana and neighboring areas contact the Greater Lantana Chamber of Commerce.