Saturday, September 15, 2018

The Lake Worth City Commission meetings this week.

This is a re-post today for those of you who missed this information from yesterday.

The Lake Worth City Commission meetings last Thursday began with procedural budget items at 6:00 and then at 6:30 was the scheduled City Commission meeting. These were two separately publicly noticed public meetings open to everyone from the public.

Andrew Lofholm from NBC5/WPTV showed up and here is one of his observations via Twitter:

International Talk Like A Pirate Day (ITLAPD) is officially held every year on September 19th. For more information about ITLAPD and a quote from Mahatma Ghandi use this link.

Unfortunately, an assignment editor sent Lofholm to report on the old, tiresome story about medical marijuana dispensaries in this City of Lake Worth. That’s too bad with the change in recycling methods happening on October 1st of which there are still too many in the public unaware. More focus on this change in recycling methods in the media can only help.

The recycling switch from single-stream recycling to dual-stream will be very big news in sixteen days with news vans and reporters scouring the City for interviews with people who somehow missed this news which began on May 1st, four and half months ago. But there will be some people crying and upset and this will be chronicled for days in The Palm Beach Post and on the TV news as well.

However, Lofholm and his cameraman did a very good job covering their assignment. If you want to watch the WPTV news segment from last Thursday night click on this link.

The cameraman is stage left under
the overhead TV screen.

Click on image to enlarge:

FYI: It’s very rare for any reporters from the Post to show up at City Commission meetings any more. And also it should be noted that multimedia journalist Andrew Lofholm denies it was Commissioner Omari Hardy who contacted him to show up at Thursday’s Commission meeting.

When the 11:00 news came on there was a very noticeable change at WPTV. And that would be Ann Sterling is the new anchor. Ahead of the sweeps this will have CBS12 (WPEC) and ABC25 (WPBF) scrambling to find new talent. Ann Sterling is on Twitter as well.

Note that in the video at the 8:45 minute mark, at the end of the Budget Hearing, the City Commission had to wait before proceeding for approximately 16 minutes. This is because the scheduled Commission hearing was publicly noticed to begin at 6:30. The Commission reconvenes at the 24:55 mark in the video below.

Watch the video at your pleasure throughout the day:

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