Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Public meetings today and tomorrow in the little City of Lake Worth.

Tonight (Wed. 9/12): Historic Resource Preservation Board (HRPB) meeting at City Hall. Meeting begins at 6:00. Agenda available.

Tomorrow (Thur., 9/13). Three (3) public meetings:
  • Tree Board meets in the City Hall conference room at 5:30. Agenda not yet available. Learn more information about the Tree Board below.
  • City Commission meets at 6:00 for Budget Public Hearing (the final hearing for the FY2018–2019 City budget will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 25th).
  • At 6:30 a scheduled City Commission meeting begins.

To download the agendas for the public meetings today and tomorrow click on this link and scroll down for City Commission and HRPB.

    Have you ever attended a City of Lake Worth
    Tree Board meeting?

    The Tree Board always meets the second Thursday of the month. The staff liaison for the board is Mr. Dave McGrew from the City of Lake Worth’s Parks Dept. and you can contact him for additional information at 561-586-1677 or by email:

    The Tree Board is just one of many volunteer boards in this City. If you’ve been thinking about becoming a volunteer board member use this link or contact Olivia Brown, the Volunteer Coordinator, by email at

    Are you a long-time resident of the
    City of Lake Worth?

    Do you remember the City’s Annual Tree Contest when residents had a friendly competition for best native tree, most useful and hurricane-resistant tree and a contest for most beautiful, majestic, oddest, and best historic tree too. To refresh your memory here is a short stroll down memory lane. . .

    “Officials said they hope to make
    the contest an annual event”.

    “Lake Worth Tree Board winners”
    by Post reporter Lady Hereford.

    “Tall and short, flowering and spiky, majestic
    and just plain odd.”

    “Anyone could nominate a tree, regardless of who owned the property”, and the “oddest tree category yielded two first-place winners: A strangler fig and a spiky Madagascar palm.”

    Two-page spread, feature article in the Post,
    August 10th, 2005:

    To learn more about the jaboticaba fruit tree
    click on this link.

    Other winners of the tree contest (by type)
    reported in the Post:

    • Most Beautiful Flowering Tree: Royal poinciana.
    • Most Useful Tree: Jaboticaba.
    • Best Native Tree: Slash pine.
    • Oddest Tree (tie): Madagascar palm and strangler fig.
    • Historic Tree, Most Majestic Tree, Most Sheltering Tree, and Biggest Tree: Banyan.

    Show up at the Tree Board meeting tomorrow at City Hall and tell your favorite story about a tree or trees at public comment.