Friday, August 10, 2018

Schemes. A silly cat and a dog house. And a prediction made on this blog last Wednesday has come true.

PLEASE NOTE: For more information about the presentation by CPZ Architects last Tuesday evening about the seven schemes for the Lake Worth Beach and Casino please click on this link. And for more information about the “CPZ Architects Beach and Casino Conceptual Plans and Design” use this link.

About that prediction. . .

Following this public meeting at City Hall predicted that the critics of CPZ and the malcontents who never even bothered to attend this meeting at City Hall last Tuesday,

“[W]ill soon begin flailing themselves in fits of anger and disbelief so get ready for that.”

Well, it didn’t take long. It happened in less than 24 hours. There are some who have become quite unhinged and are focusing almost exclusively on the word “scheme”:

Scheme, noun, “1. plan, design, or program of action to be followed; project. 2. an underhand plot.”

Scheme #1: We’ll call this the dog house scheme.

If you have been following this public process to fix all the problems at the Beach and Casino you know this has been a very public process. This week CPZ Architects presented seven (7) schemes, in other words, seven plans, designs, or a program of action.

The Lake Worth City Commission can choose none of the schemes, choose one scheme in particular, or mix and match: make a new scheme from one of the seven schemes.

And note this process will done at public meetings.

Scheme #2: We’ll call this the ineffectual cat scheme.

A critic of CPZ Architects mused just recently,

Conceptual Design Concepts and Aquatic Consulting Engineers [CPZ Architects] gave their presentation on their “schemes.” And everything presented was a scheme. . . . Tuesday night, the seed was planted by the assistant city manager to use our penny sales tax for our beach but he was quickly reminded they were not there to discuss financing of any “scheme.” The city doesn’t want the cat out of the bag quite yet, conniving and maneuvering with a plan to grab this cash.

So, you see. Because the previous administration (the ineffectual cat; aka tongue-in-cheek, “The Best Commission Ever!”) bungled the job so badly at the Lake Worth Beach and Casino our present City Commission has to scheme (Scheme #1) with better knowledge, information, and actual competence.

The lesson here is the cat is already “out of the bag”. So pay attention and attend meetings. The only “underhand plot” is the one coming from someone’s imagination fantasizing about idioms and not understanding that imaginary underhanded schemes are a “dime a dozen”.

The electeds on the City Commission, administration and staff, CPZ and the public are still very early in this process. The adults are firmly in charge. So don’t act like a silly cat and wonder where that “seed was planted”.

And remember, if former elected officials had actually focused more time on a properly planned scheme, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in now, having to fix things because things weren’t planned and measured properly in the first place by former elected officials who threw up their hands and said, “It’s all Greek to me!”