Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Story from Lake Worth Visitors' Information Center

"Something happened yesterday at the Lake Worth Visitor Center - something pretty amazing. A lady came in to pay her bill at the utility office adjacent to the information center window. She was late with her payment and in danger of having her service cut off. She found she was $10 short in the amount of money she needed to cover the expense and she was visibly shaken and upset. A good neighbor overheard and offered the $10 to help her out. That's not the amazing part. Lake Worth is filled with generous and kind people.

What happened next is the amazing part. A third lady witnessed the whole interaction and followed the first lady as she was leaving the building, her bill now having been fully paid. This extraordinary woman remarked to the first lady, 'Please take $10 from me too. I see you were short on your utility bill payment and I'm guessing you may be short on food money for the rest of the month. It's not much, but I hope it helps.'

Lake Worth, Florida!"