Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Message from former Lake Worth Mayor and current State Senator Jeff Clemens on Governor's Veto

"It's takes a special effort to for Governor Scott to shock or disappoint me, considering some of the things he's done in his first four years in office. But his vetoing of funding for vital programs and economic development infrastructure yesterday was over the top. I, and many other people, both Republican and Democrat, worked hard to craft a budget that included $3.5 million for the Lake Worth Park of Commerce, $500,000 for infrastructure in Riviera Beach, and many other important projects. Here's a partial list of what the Governor slashed, with absolutely no regard for the quality of the project. In other words, his goal was to veto a bunch of projects, regardless of how important, simply so he could say that he did.

Lake Worth Park of Commerce: $3.5 million
Lantana drainage improvement: $100,000
Palm Beach Habilitation Center, fire safety, water system: $482,600
Belle Glade’s West Technical Education Center: $500,000
Riviera Beach Broadway corridor infrastructure: $500,000
Norton Museum of Art: $1 million
Belle Glade S.W. 3rd St. storm water improvements: $400,000
Glades region waterpipes: $500,000
Pahokee marina improvements: $1 million
Lake Worth storm water and wastewater: $500,000
Pahokee emergency funding: $107,321

Again, the Governor's lack of a clear explanation for these vetoes is proof that they are more about messaging and his eventual race for U.S. Senate than they are about good government. It's sad for our communities."