Sunday, June 21, 2015

Christine Stapleton: "Miccosukee Tribe chairman speaks out on Everglades water quality"

The Post's Christine Stapleton reports on a Sierra Club sponsored summit on Saturday where the Miccosukee Tribe’s Chairman, Colley Billie, drew the line vis-à-vis the Everglades restoration efforts:
     [Colley] Billie acknowledged that some progress has been made, but said there are two issues on which the tribe will not budge: The Tamiami Trail bridge project and the maximum phosphorous limit of 10 parts per billion [emphasis added] for water flowing into the Everglades National Park. The Tribe believes raising the Tamiami Trail, which separates tribal lands from the Everglades National Park, will destroy two villages, invade their privacy and hurt their businesses along the road.
[and. . .]
     “I am here today to ask the Sierra Club and all of you to focus your efforts on restoring water quality,” Billie said. “It is only by working together that we will be able to restore the Everglades.”