Tuesday, June 23, 2015

News about AAF: Student rates for All Aboard Florida?

The Post's Jeff Ostrowski and Jennifer Sorentrue have this interesting news about AAF:
     All Aboard Florida has met with officials at the University of Central Florida to discuss the possibility of a shuttle from the campus to the company’s rail station, according to a report by the company proposing rail service from Miami to Orlando.
     Some 9,500 students at UCF come from South Florida, the Post’s Jennifer Sorentrue reports.
     By offering discounted fares to students, the study found All Aboard could boost its ridership by roughly 48,000 passengers a year, assuming that students travel home about six times a year.
Just curious, does The Palm Beach Post have even one stock photo of an AAF passenger train? Every story is accompanied by a freight train picture. Do believe AAF would be happy to provide one.