Friday, May 29, 2015

[MOVED UP; BY REQUEST] The Lake Worth Casino complex: Cara Jennings' search for the boogeyman

It's not my intention to put the spotlight on any one particular character however former Commissioner Cara Jennings does represent well the tone of those who are responsible for the failed Lake Worth Casino buildingher along with JoAnn Golden and Commissioner Christopher McVoy at the City Commission meeting on Tuesday, 5/19. In fact, I predicted this before the meeting last night (5/18).

They've chosen the builder of the Casino building as their boogeyman but what the public needs to know is this: the City at that time didn't have anyone on site responsible for monitoring what was going on. They turned a blind eye to the process and waited for the final product (and of course the big party to follow).

Note in the video below what Jennings chooses to focus on and also note that she rudely does not introduce herself as is customary for a citizen to do when addressing the mayor and city commission:
Jennings still does not understand the Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) process as she demonstrates in her unfair representation of Sustainability Director William Waters and Commissioner Andy Amoroso. Members of the ITN, as part of the process, are encouraged to speak freely and Jennings suggests something improper was done which is ludicrous. She also makes mention of the now-defunct tabloid by Margaret Menge which was partly responsible for fueling the public hysteria:
Most importantly note that Jennings is trying to distance herself from Commissioner McVoy and JoAnn Golden now. In a terrific display of historical revisionism she now suggests she never supported "privatization" at "the beach" even though she supported the construction of their 'new' Casino structure with private businesses trying to make a profit. Try to wrap your brain around that one.

I would say confidently, from what I heard last night, the public understands now that this commission has been given a tough task fixing the Casino complex in its entirety: the Casino building, pool, and the woefully inadequate parking. All in all, except for Peter Timm and a few others, the public wants to learn more about what is happening and is engaged in the process. That is a very good thing.

Check back later for more videos. I think you'll find the comments of people such as Barbara Aubel very enlightening. And, as always, thank you for visiting by blog.