Saturday, May 30, 2015

Do you remember that monkeywrenching homophobe who pulled that stunt at this years PrideFest?

The day before last March's PrideFest a homophobe here in Lake Worth tried to monkeywrench the festival by calling FDOT complaining about the rainbow paintings across Lake and Lucerne Avenues that were planned. Everyone aware of the situation has a very good idea who it was. But the organizers were undeterred and painted the East/West city roads instead. This years festival was the most successful ever, by the way. 

And note that at the time you could still see the remnants of the Street Painting Festival on both Lucerne and Lake Avenues and also some green pigment from the St. Patty's Day festivities also. 

Well. . .guess what? The person believed responsible for this act has a history, shall we say, in Key West. Guess what Key West just did?
Here is a link to the original story I posted about this on March 29th. And here are some pictures of the PrideFest event. 

And a nice YouTube video of the new crosswalks in Key West: