Wednesday, May 27, 2015

FAU's University Press Editor "Plagiarized by Boca Raton Tribune"!

Discovered this story at Michael Koretzky's Mouth of the South (SPJ Region 3 Blog). Here is what Emily Bloch wrote about being plagiarized in her column on 5/22:
     At FAU, if I get caught plagiarizing a paper, I’ll get an F. [emphasis added] It would go on my transcript and on a repeat offense, I could get expelled.
     But if I do it at The Boca Raton Tribune, I’ll get a paycheck.
     Three weeks ago, I wrote this story about an alleged gang rape involving an FAU student.
     A week later, The Boca Raton Tribune posted a similar story. If it looks familiar, that’s because sections of it are literally the same, word for word, as mine. I’ve been plagiarized.
[and later she writes this:]
     To journalists, ‘plagiarism’ is practically a mortal sin. And as a student journalist, and a student member of the Society of Professional Journalists, to have to deal with it like this is pretty disappointing.
     “Never plagiarize. Always attribute” is bullet number 18 out of 35 in SPJ’s Code of Ethics.
     People keep telling me “imitation is the greatest form of flattery,” when I tell them what’s happened to me this month. Well in this case, if the “imitation” means stealing a student journalist’s words, I think it’s pretty pitiful.
     Consider me unflattered.
The article by Emily Bloch is very detailed and lays the case out very convincingly. An excellent read and encourage everyone to read it.