Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Margaret Menge gets educated by the Palm Beach Post editorial board

Nothing better illustrates the tactics of Margaret Menge than her 'Letter to the Editor' that is appearing in The Palm Beach Post tomorrow. The Post doesn't fall for it and sets her straight.

Menge in her now-defunct tabloid was known for asking questions with the target being tasked with proving a negative. In the Post tomorrow she puts into question the integrity of Judge Jeffrey Gillen suggesting he was acting due to political motivations vis-à-vis getting re-elected. Wrong.
Smackdown. And she also twisted one of her facts. I'll deal with that tomorrow.

Of course this 'Letter to the Editor' is about the recent news of a woman in a dispute of not wanting to have her child circumcised and was put in jail by Judge Gillen. Haven't paid much attention to the story actually.

On that topic have no opinion; I have no skin in the game.