Saturday, May 30, 2015

From Alexandra Seltzer: "What did this driver do to get a $606 fine?"

The Palm Beach Post reporter explains:
     You’re late for work and come upon a school zone. 20 mph! You’ll be even later now. “Can I speed through it?” you think. “Just a little bit. The fine isn’t that bad, I don’t see any cops and there aren’t any kids around.”
     The next time you have that thought, think about this driver.
     A driver came upon Freedom Shores Elementary School on Thursday afternoon, and instead of slowing down to the 20 mph school zone speed limit, the driver raced through at 53 mph.
     So is it that bad?
     Boynton Beach police slapped the driver with a $606 fine, along with three other drivers who happened to be speeding through the area as well.
This image is from the Boynton PD Twitter feed.