Monday, January 14, 2019

The most significant political event of the year will be announced shortly: The mayor’s annual State of the City Address.

Some believe the biggest political event of the year is the annual debate and candidate forum at the Lake Worth Playhouse in Downtown Lake Worth. But one would be wrong. By the way, this year’s entertainment at the Playhouse will be held on Wed., January 23rd. Will provide more details about this debate next week.

Election day will be on March 12th and along the way will be many neighborhood forums where you can meet the candidates and ask questions.

The annual State of the City Address is typically held in late January to early February. And it is very bad form for any City Commissioner to not attend this event. That empty chair on stage will be worth noting and duly noted.

As far as the Playhouse debate goes two years ago, on Monday, Jan. 30th, 2017 The Palm Beach Post did not even bother to report about the Playhouse debate that very night. Instead the big news of the day was all about Artsy Fartsy Décor & More in the weekly Lake Worth Very Very Special Monday Cursory Print Edition (LWVVSMCPE).

Hard to believe but it’s true. The editor(s) at the Post and their beat reporter decided that Artsy Fartsy was the big news of the day that Monday two years ago. Click on this link to read all about that.

The big political event of the year has thus far not been announced. That would be the annual State of the City Address by Mayor Pam Triolo. Stay tuned for that announcement from the City soon. A press release from the City’s public information officer, Mr. Ben Kerr.

Not the fault of John Paxman, the annual moderator at the Playhouse Show, but this annual debate has turned into a sideshow the last several years. Mr. Paxman has no choice who the actors on stage will be every year. But at debates in the recent past when a self-proclaimed comedienne and when the director of the horror B movie “Hogzilla” (filmed in the scary Village of Wellington) are both asked serious policy questions at the Playhouse, well, it sort of brings into question the entire thing.

And this year is no different. One candidate on stage this year put on his campaign expenditure report $90 for “Campaign Strategy” and the location of this strategy session was a restaurant. But no ordinary restaurant. Just so happens at this particular restaurant a really top-of-the-line steak dinner for two would cost around $90. So if steak was part of that campaign strategy session at this rate this candidate will have to start raising an exceptional amount of money. Or stop eating steak.

Or put another way, “the steaks couldn’t be higher in this year’s elections in Lake Worth Beach!”

The annual State of the City speech by Mayor Triolo should be about thirty minutes long. The City in their annual press release always says it will be about 30 minutes long. But due to the amount of applause it’s typically a bit longer.

So stay tuned for the news and make plans to attend this year’s State of the City Address held every year at the Lake Worth Casino and Beach Complex.

Note that FREE parking will be available starting at 5:30, seating is available on a “first come first serve basis” and the State of the City begins around 6:00. Admission to the event is also FREE. Mayor Triolo will discuss the present and the future for our City. There will be department heads and City staff attending to answer any questions you may have afterwards.

And also entertaining every year is reading about the mayor’s State of the City Address in The Palm Beach Post and the public asking, “Did the mayor say that?”

Like what happened in 2017 when Mayor Triolo was misquoted. Which brought to question, how can you misquote the mayor when the editor(s) have the speech transcript to verify what the mayor actually said? And on the video the mayor clearly said something quite different than what the Post reported?

Once again, stay tuned for the date of this year’s State of the City.