Thursday, February 21, 2019

Election Season 2019 in L-Dub: Campaign signs.

Very important: The ordinance about political campaign signs is not being enforced any longer by the Lake Worth Code Enforcement Dept.

Everyone is on the honor system. The unwritten City policy is:

Because the Silly Red Signs [see below] have been out there for nine years now, all political signs are allowed with no time limit or regulation whatsoever. The sign’s political message, no matter how silly or stupid, must remain untouched by the City.

Heres one of those “Silly Red Signs” by the SRS platoon that first appeared on City right-of-ways in early 2009.

How much do you know about “Red
Sign Syndrome” (RSS)?

Here’s another version of the SRS; in total there were twenty-six (26) versions since 2009.

How much do you know about SSR, Sthaltus signentititis robrusistiticus?

To learn more about SRS, RSS, and SSR
click on this link.

By the way, did you know political campaign signs are protected Free Speech and that stealing or vandalizing a campaign sign is a crime? It’s true. Learn more about that at the end of this blog post.

The City of Lake Worth has had its fair share of political drama and hot-button topics the last few years. However, in the context of history — taking into consideration the last 25–30 years and following the Great Recession as well — in comparison, the last six to seven years has been a period of time marked by political calm and stability.

Remember: Signs don’t vote. People do.

But if you are a candidate and plan on putting out political yard signs below are some ideas, suggestions, and radical color designs.

Note the use of 5-pointed stars and the subdued greens and blues on white #5 non-recyclable Chloroplast.

Color progression is also very important. See how
the red pops to blue and then blends into the
green and then the blue again:

Silly Red Signs can mix up the color scheme. Have a sign with vibrancy! Draw the viewer in.

A slate of candidates in 2015: Gary, Frank, and Ryan! They all lost but got points for patriotism and
promoting “The American Way!”

And who knew that Mr. Ryan Hartman loved
the United States of America so much!

Note the mix of blues and red: Be patriotic! Show your love for the planet: Go GREEN! You may not win but you do get points for style!

Location. Location. Location.
Street corners (intersections) are the BEST locations.

Don’t have all the signs facing the same way.
Get them coming and going!

Important. Find a location with an unobstructed
clear view. Note the parked car:

Another tip: Write down the location of all your signs. You might need them again!

What if signs get stolen? Use this link for instructions on how to handle that issue. Good luck to all the candidates in 2019!