Saturday, April 15, 2017

Looking for something to do later on today? Write a positive Letter to the Editor (LTE) at the Post!

Reacting negatively or getting miffed about something you see in the newspaper doesn’t solve anything.

Remember the Post article about Lake Worth being just a “jumping off place”, only “music and booze”? The article made the print edition last year and was titled,
Lake Worth art gallery owner: “Didn’t make sense to stay open anymore”
Not long afterward came the news about “Art Studio Cafe” opening in Downtown Lake Worth and the studio is getting rave reviews. Stop by and say “Hi” to another exciting, truly innovative artist in our little City.

Anyhow. . . Below is an example of a positive LTE that was published after Hurricane Matthew last year:

It only takes a few minutes to write a positive LTE about our little City. But how to get the letter published? Do what Drew Martin does — he knows “The Trick(instructions below) — so easy you won’t believe it.

If you have something thoughtful, positive, and well-reasoned to write instead of the typical negativity with open-ended and circular questions, then please follow the instructions below. Learning “The Trick” will greatly increase your chances of getting your letter published:
  • Keep your LTE to 150–200 words in length. The “shorter the better” is a good rule.
  • An LTE submitted by email (see below) is the best method and remember to include your phone number and complete address.
  • Engage like-minded “average citizens” to write LTE’s on the same subject.
  • Listing your credentials will help greatly.
Then always follow-up!

This is the mistake people make. That’s why you always see those LTE’s from the same people over and over again: They know the trick!
  • Follow up your LTE with an email or fax later that day or the next morning.
  • Then later, call the editorial department and explain why your letter is important.
  • Don’t be timid! Stay pleasant and respectful but make a strong pitch.
  • To seal the deal, just ask outright, “Are you planning to publish my letter?”.
So get cracking and have your positive LTE published in the Post, maybe even in next Sunday’s paper:
  • Email:
  • Fax: 561-820-4728
  • Phone: 561-820-4441
Here’s another example of a letter published in the Post early in 2016, one that made the case for Lake Worth voters to overwhelmingly say “Yes” to the bond referendum last November:

“Recently, I drove through a deep pothole on First Avenue South . . .”

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Anonymous said...

He was right to report needless car repairs due to potholes. On a positive note, when they fill with rainwater, wonderful mosquitoes have a breeding ground. You won't publish this.