Monday, May 22, 2017

Greenacres is on Facebook! Twitter too! Will city move up in Post’s “Ranking Palm Beach County’s cities, from worst to best”?

Here is one of the first messages on the Greenacres’ Facebook page:

“We are very excited to be able to distribute information to you about upcoming meetings, events, and notices.
“Although you can’t post comments here, we want to hear from you!” Call 561-642-2000 or send an email to:

Here’s another Facebook message:

Greenacres Food Truck Invasion - last Wednesday of every month in Samuel J. Ferreri Community Park. The next one is May 31, 2017 @ 5:30-9:30pm.

Learn more about our neighboring city to the west below.

By the way, The Palm Beach Post’s ranking of cities is overdue this year. Will this latest news from the City of Greenacres move them up in the rankings? In April of 2016 Greenacres came in at #20. Remember that list “worst to best” last year? See below for excerpts.

Maybe the editors are waiting until the latest news about more staff layoffs at the Post wears off and raising paper delivery rates too. And still unexplained, why did the Post shut down their Tallahassee news bureau? Will the cities in Palm Beach County and elected officials get to “rank” The Palm Beach Post following those decisions?

Anyhow, check out the new City of Greenacres’ website too, starting with Mayor Joel Flores and the 2 district councilwomen and the 2 district councilmen:

The City of Greenacres has a Council-Manager form of Government that combines the strong political leadership of elected officials (Mayor and City Council) with the managerial experience of an appointed City Manager. The Mayor and five (5) City Council members serve as the legislative body of the City enacting legislation, setting policy, approving the budget, and comprehensive plan to guide the growth of the City.

So. Following this latest news about the City of Greenacres on social media is that city a lot of everything now? If you recall, last year Frank Cerabino at the Post wrote the City of Greenacres is “a little bit of everything and a lot of nothing.”

And Cerabino also wrote Greenacres had a “dollop of Hispanic”.
“In the middle of Palm Beach County’s suburban sprawl . . . between the glitzier Wellington and the cooler Lake Worth”, wrote Cerabino.

Anyhow. Below are more not-so-flattering observations from ‘The Satirist last year if you happen to live in these cities and towns:
  • Belle Glade: “For the overwhelming majority of local residents who aren’t talented and driven enough to make it to the NFL”
  • Haverhill: “goes out of its way to put out the unwelcome mat.”
  • Highland Beach: “another coastal sliver of a municipality that goes out of its way to put out the unwelcome mat.”
  • Mangonia Park: “marked by the biggest, ugliest eyesore in the county”
  • Atlantis: “there are times you must venture beyond the feudal walls.” Good point.
  • Boynton Beach: “perpetually overshadowed and trying to catch up.”

Will all the cities in Palm Beach County (now 39 total) ever be given the opportunity to rank the Post some day?