Tuesday, May 23, 2017

“Gee wiz, JoAnn, did we really forget to fix the pool?”

If I told you a former Lake Worth commissioner, elected three times since 2010, who lost a re-election bid last March — who contributed mightily to the failed plan at the Beach back in 2010–2012 — and claimed just last February to have found an expert with the solution to fix our now-closed and decrepit pool, and. . .
  • Has a PhD in science.
  • Is a firm believer in sea level rise.
  • Is a firm believer in climate change.
  • Is a supporter of “Green” technology.
  • Was a supporter of “Best Practices” in our City.
  • Is a supporter of “sustainability” and “resiliency”.
  • Was someone who demanded accountability at all levels of City government. . .
. . . supported building a large public structure east of the Coastal Construction Line and immediately west of a beach on the Atlantic Ocean WITHOUT PILINGS? You wouldn’t believe it would you?

The former Casino was never “renovated”. It was 94% demolished. The structure was Greenwashed too; remember the water cistern? Eliminated. The pool? Never part of the ‘grand plan’ in 2010.

That’s right. Former Lake Worth commissioner, and now-citizen Chris McVoy, PhD, supported constructing the ‘new’ Casino building without pilings. And to make matters worse the seawall protecting the Casino was never properly inspected.

Five years ago the ‘architects’ of our Beach and Casino complex were so happy and giddy.
So much for the ‘scientific method’.

“Gee wiz, JoAnn, did we really forget to fix the pool?”