Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Drew Martin had ANOTHER “Letter to the Editor” published in the Post! How does he do it?

Stay tuned. It can’t be long now before Drew has another Letter to the Editor published. How does he do it? He know The Trick!

In recent memory Drew Martin, by far, is one of the most published of any letter writer to The Palm Beach Post. So how does he do it? He knows the trick: To learn that trick use this link.

Maybe you can have YOUR letter published next week in the Post. Or if real lucky and already know the trick maybe even have one published in next week’s Sunday print edition, the most read paper of the week. When you follow up with the editor about your letter don’t be timid. Tell the editor what day of the week you want to have your letter published. For example, if it’s on Saturday almost no one will see it.

Mr. Martin’s prolific letter writing, however, didn’t translate into votes last year. Dave Kerner is now our County Commissioner.

Drew Martin’s Letter to the Editor supporting Senate Bill 10 is in stark contrast to the “Point Of View” in yesterday’s paper by former County Commissioner Priscilla Tayor titled, “Glades residents must be part of discussion about land purchase”. Below are two excerpts from Taylor’s very strong opinion on this matter:

     The purchase of 60,000 acres of land south of Lake Okeechobee can and will be devastating to the area. The purchase would close a mill in operation, and cause more than 1,000 people to lose their jobs.
     The unemployment rate is already high in the area. At one point, it was as high as 30 percent. When you hear those numbers, one should ask, “What about the people?” [emphasis added]

[and. . .]

     I understand that there are no absolutes, no guarantees that the water will be clean even after the 60,000 acres are purchased and used.
     It is astonishing that no public discussion has taken place as to what will happen to the area. What happens to the worker who has a child in school, or someone who is barely making it now? My question becomes even louder: “What about the human element of this bill?”

By the way, the title of Martin’s Letter to the Editor is, “Senate Bill 10 is good first step”. If the “first step” will cost $2B+ (that’s “B” for “billion”) then how much will the 2nd step cost? The 3rd?

And a question for Lake Worth Commissioner McVoy, PhD, who also supports Senate Bill 10:

How do you square supporting Senate Bill 10, a plan to ‘Send The Water South!’ from Lake Okeechobee (that may not even work) but oppose Lake Worth’s Neighborhood Road Bond to fix our City roads? Why would one project take priority over a much lesser one right here in the City?

Thankfully, an overwhelming number of voters in Lake Worth (69%) passed the road bond last year despite all the arguments by Comm. McVoy to vote it down.