Friday, October 14, 2016

[UPDATE] Write a positive "Letter to the Editor" about our little City of Lake Worth (see instructions below)

Here's the latest: A positive letter about Lake Worth finally made it past the editor and on to the printed page. About time. This came to my attention yesterday. I missed this short letter by Lisa Stewart from Wednesday's paper and a blog reader dropped off this clipping:
The big news about our City's Electric Utility got little mention in the Post. For those of you who remember hurricanes Francis, Jeanne, and Wilma, Hurricane Matthew demonstrated the many improvements since 2004/2005.

Now get cracking with your positive letter about Lake Worth ASAP. Detailed instructions are below that will greatly increase your chances of having a letter published.

In other news from the Lake Worth Electric Utility a new video (below) was just released about our new solar farm. Although the unveiling scheduled for last Tuesday was postponed, this news about our City leading the way in renewable, solar energy continues to make news, as far away as Canada. Enjoy the video: Wouldn't this be a great idea for a letter to the editor at the Post? There are many reasons for Lake Worth residents to write a letter in support of our City. Learn how after the following bullet list:
The instructions below will greatly increase your chances of getting your Letter to Editor (LTE) published:
  • Keep your LTE to 150–200 words in length. The "shorter the better" is a good rule.
  • An LTE submitted by email is the best method and remember to include your phone number and complete address.
  • Engage like-minded "average citizens" to write LTE's on the same subject.
  • Listing your credentials will help greatly.
  • Write LTE's quickly about a local city or municipal event to stay timely; don't delay more than 13 days.
  • Stay relevant, vis-à-vis the latest "buzz".
Then always follow-up!

This is the mistake people make. That's why you always see those LTE's from the same people over and over again: They know the trick!
  • Follow up your LTE with an email or fax later that day or the next morning.
  • Then later, call the editorial department and explain why your letter is important.
  • Don't be timid! Stay pleasant and respectful but make a strong pitch.
  • To seal the deal, just ask outright, "Are you planning to publish my letter?". Remember your ABC's (Always Be Closing). 
Get your LTE published in The Palm Beach Post soon (maybe even this Sunday's paper!):
  • Email:
  • Fax: 561-820-4728
  • Phone: 561-820-4441
Good Luck!