Sunday, October 11, 2015

Guess who visited Lake Worth on Friday night? Our friends at Visit West Palm Beach

Lake Worth has its own Visitor Center at the Cultural Plaza. Its not quite on the scale of Visit West Palm Beach. They've done a spectacular job promoting their city. Here is a Tweet they sent out about their visit to our City:
This is very encouraging. Lake Worth and West Palm Beach should set up a diplomatic headquarters of sorts to help each other and share information. Our cities both share so many things and in many ways we complement each other. Clematis Street, Flagler Drive, and other venues in West Palm Beach are amazing. But what Lake Worth has done to our downtown is also a sight to behold.

I think many visitors to WPB would appreciate a side trip to Lake Worth's downtown and the BEACH!, don't you think? More often I am spotting SkyBikes at the BEACH. Someone rode that bike from WPB. How cool is that? The Bamboo Room has reopened and Benny's on the Beach is on everyone's list for a meal or a adult beverage.

Lake Worth and WPB are both very unique and working together we can offer visitors and tourists alike a very special experience. Expect a visit some day soon Visit West Palm Beach from envoys here in the City of Lake Worth and hope you enjoyed your visit!
You can find out about events happening in Lake Worth here.