Monday, November 9, 2015

Hmmm, with so much going on in Lake Worth is there a list so I can make plans? Yes there is

On the City's website is the Events page. There you'll find special events, ongoing scheduled activities like the Food Truck Invasion (TODAY, 11/9), Evening on the Avenue, programs available such as those from the CRA, the library, and so much more.
The next Evening on the Avenue is November 20th.
The Food Truck Invasion is tonight (11/9).
So make sure to check this list once every week or so because it's constantly changing with added events and activities here in Lake Worth. Ashley Brown is the Special Events Assistant and she can be reached at 561-533-7335 or by email for questions or to have an event listed.

The City is also on Twitter and they promote events that way as well. To "Follow" the City click on the Follow icon in the Tweet below.