Monday, June 22, 2015

News: Pink awning with white stripes a Federal case? Code Enforcement reaching new levels in Palm Beach

Alese Kopf at the Palm Beach Daily News (aka, The Shiny Sheet) has this article about a custard shop, balloons, and a store owner who challenged the Town of Palm Beach's social construct by changing a white awning to a pink one with white stripes and, of all things, ice cream cones! Thomas Tomas, the owner of the Sweet Spot custard shop hired Lesley Blackner to represent him. Does the name Lesley Blackner sound familiar? It should. Do you remember Amendment 4?

Anyhow, while cities such as the little City of Lake Worth work hard and look forward to the day when awning colors and their design are only things left for code enforcement to cite. . . Here is an excerpt from the article by Alese Kopf:
     A code citation case related to store awning changes was postponed until next month so Tomas’ attorney, Lesley Blackner, can attend. Tomas said he has an “extensive case to present” and that Blackner is considering filing a federal lawsuit against the town. [emphasis added]
     The board voted 5-2 to grant a continuance to Tomas, who originally requested a delay to give the Planning and Zoning Commission and Town Council time to review the town’s commercial sign rules.
     At its June 9 meeting, the council directed the zoning board to look at the ordinance and determine if amendments are necessary.
     After receiving a complaint, the town cited Tomas in April for changing the awning from white to pink with white stripes and adding ice-cream cone logos. 
Go get 'em Ms. Blackner!

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