Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Crime in the little City of Lake Worth: more good news from Kevin D. Thompson

In the Post today, page B3 of the print edition, is an article about crime in Lake Worth. Here are two excerpts:
     Murders, robberies, burglaries and car thefts are all down in the city since the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office took over Lake Worth’s police department seven years ago, City Commissioners were told last week.
     In 2008, the city commission voted 3-2 in favor of the merger between’s the sheriff’s office and the city’s police department, with many residents saying they didn’t feel safe because the police force was having a hard time time dealing with criminals and gangs in the city. [emphasis added]
[and. . .]
     But, most important, [PBSO District 14 Captain] Silva said, is residents taking ownership of the city and working in concert with the sheriff’s office through neighborhood associations.
     “None of these things on their own solve our problems, but they all add value,” Silva said. “The more people that get involved, the better these problems will be addressed.”
Captain Silva was referring to this effort, to show one example:

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Anonymous said...

I'm happy to hear good news, but still saw a prostitute on Dixie today. Yes, I called, but I'm sure I will see the same one tomorrow. Glad that murders are down, but I see the same criminals engaging in crime regularly. Not sure how PBSO misses them if I can see them.

Anonymous said...

3:38 - PBSO has laws they have to follow that have been watered down by bleeding heart liberals. Thank them for the crime as the ability to fight it and brutally punish it has been withered away.