Saturday, March 7, 2015

[UPDATE 4] [UPDATE3] [UPDATE2] [UPDATE1] Ryan Maier's lie too big for Lake Worth, spreads wings and goes county-wide

[New New Update:] This post about Ryan Maier, proving conclusively he is lying about his experience, combined with the story on the silly endorsement in the Palm Beach Post has lit up my blog like you cannot believe. Just thought you might like to know that. Forward this post to your family and neighbors. 

[New Update:] Up to now the lie by Ryan Maier about his experience in city government has been reserved for us here in the City of Lake Worth. Maier's lie has now gone county-wide; his lie was published as a material true fact on Wednesday, March 4, in a story written by Eliot Kleinberg (note: if Mr. Kleinberg knew the truth he wouldn't have published Maier's claim).

The fact is this, Ryan Maier is claiming he has experience in city government: this is an outright lie. Here is a letter from former Lake Worth Commissioner Retha Lowe:
See image below published in the Palm Beach Post. Note: "Member, Lake Worth Sister City Board".
[See end of this post for previous updates; original post starts here:]

Here is a link to a video from January 27th where Ryan Maier touts his City board experience. He also lists this 'experience' on his website and on his door hangers. As recently as Monday, 2/9, at the South Palm Park candidate forum, Maier repeated his 'experience' on a City board as a qualification to be a City of Lake Worth commissioner.

All of this information and statements are untrue.
This is Ryan Maier in one of his few appearances at the city commission. Note how much different he looks than in the video above and on his campaign literature. Which is the real Ryan Maier?
On July 28, 2011, Ryan Maier signed this form which affirmed, "I understand the responsibilities with being a board/committee member, and I have adequate time to serve if appointed." 
Eight months later Ryan Maier was removed from his position. Ryan Maier was removed for non-attendance and refusing to take the required Ethics Training. Ethics Training is required by any member of a city board in order to participate.

Question: Ryan Maier knew on his application that Ethics Training was required when he submitted his application. This is stated on the application. Why then did he refuse this mandatory requirement? 

Ryan Maier applied for three City boards: the Planning and Zoning Board, the Tree Board, and the Sister City Board. The City board he was deemed qualified to serve on was the Sister City Board. Here is page 4 of his application:
Ryan Maier wanted to bring "a different approach" to the Sister City Board. He might have been able to do that if he attended meetings. 

Ryan Maier door hanger: he is demanding "transparency" and claims he "Served on City Advisory Board".
UPDATE 1: On Monday 2/16, at the South Palm Park Neighborhood Association Candidate Forum, Mr. Maier once again cited his "city board" experience. This coming Monday, 2/23, the Bryant Park Neighborhood Association will host their Candidate Forum. Yet another chance for Mr. Maier to set the record straight. I have all of these statements on video; it will make a nice video loop.

UPDATE #2: Ryan Maier lied again at the Lake Worth Playhouse on 3/2/15. More on this later.

[UPDATE 3] The next candidate forum is tomorrow at 7:00, sponsored by the Parrot Cove Neighborhood Association at the Lake Worth Municipal Golf Course. Will Ryan Maier once again tout his City board 'experience' to be a City of Lake Worth commissioner? Stay tuned as they say.