Thursday, March 5, 2015

Stacey Singer, Health Writer, wrote the Palm Beach Post endorsement

Have it on good authority that Stacey Singer wrote the endorsement for candidate Ryan Maier in Lake Worth. The Palm Beach Post editorial board approved this endorsement using the following flawed logic:
The key issue in Lake Worth’s municipal election seems to be trust, or the lack thereof. The question is, which candidates are best positioned to improve that trust?
Here are some of the lies, untruths, and outrageous statements by candidate Ryan Maier (there are others):

– Ryan Maier has the endorsement of the Florida NOW PAC? False.
– Maier falsely accused Commissioner John Szerdi of an ethical violation from the Inspector General of Palm Beach County. True.
– Maier later claimed he didn't make the accusation above. True.
– Maier has falsely claimed, repeatedly, having experience in city government. True.
– Maier has falsely accused Commissioner John Szerdi of "hiding" information from the public. True.
– Maier thinks Lake Worth should build another college. True.
– Maier thinks Lake Worth's Bryant Park should have concession stands. True.

Below is a letter from City of Lake Worth resident/volunteer/board member and former City Commissioner Retha Lowe that proves conclusively that Ryan Maier lied about his experience:
Ryan Maier is unfit for office. The Palm Beach Post sacrificed their integrity to prop up a candidate; a record that cannot stand on its own, ergo the endorsement. 

In her endorsement Ms. Singer takes a clever shot at "the majority". My question to Ms. Singer is this: Wouldn't your criticisms be more useful directed at those who chose a terribly flawed candidate in the first place?
 Political Advertisement paid for and approved by John Szerdi non-partisan for City Commission