Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Palm Beach Post editorial board says, "The key issue in Lake Worth’s municipal election seems to be trust"

I guess they didn't watch this video of Commissioner McVoy sneaking through the papers of other commissioners during a break at a Lake Worth City Commission meeting. McVoy thought the video was turned off; it wasn't. During breaks the audio is turned off but the video keeps on recording.

Here is an excerpt from another comment left for the editorial board:
     These endorsements are clear evidence that the Palm Beach Post does not know and/ or care about the truth concerning Lake Worth.
     Commission McVoy is nothing but a puppet for former Lake Worth officials. If he asked the Inspector General about the pre-meeting dinner hosted by the City Manager, why does the complaint show the names of two LW residents and not Commission McVoy's name? Of course, the residents are supporters of Commission McVoy. Did the Post get a copy of the response from the Inspector General? If it had, the Post would have learned the Inspector General stated 'that no information was presented that would indicate a violation of law, policy, or rule." Case closed.