Tuesday, March 24, 2015

[UPDATE] From last weeks Lake Worth Herald: Dee McNamara uses racial slur "N****r" at swearing in ceremony

[Update: Mrs. McNamara's supporter's have settled on a strategy to deal with this situation: They've decided to attack the messenger and witnesses instead of dealing with the true matter at hand. At the end of this post is a comment left by Mrs. McGiveron in response to the article in The Lake Worth Herald.]

For the entire story story about Dee McNamara's unladylike behavior at the swearing in ceremony on Monday (3/16) go to LWHerald.com. Here is an excerpt from the front page, above-the-fold story:
     Monday, prior to the start of the swearing in ceremonies, city staff placed signs on some of the pews in the commission chambers reserving seating for family members of Christopher McVoy, Ryan Maier, and John Szerdi.
     According to a staff member, Dee McNamara complained and was told she should find another seat. McNamara asked the staff member if she expected her to sit in the back like a N-----. The staff member was deeply offended and McNamara pointed to the skin on her arm and asked if she looked like a N-----.
When asked to comment on this terrible incident, Dee McNamara asked "who was telling lies about her and hung up the phone."

Here is Mrs. McNamara (straw hat with black bow), seated in the front row before the special meeting:
Notice the fashionable hat and gloves. Keeping the Trib's newsprint off her dewy hands.
Here, Mrs. McNamara offers her space to Mr. Maier upon his arrival at the City Commission Chambers.
Below, you can see where she spent the remainder of the meeting, between Ms. Anderson and her husband, Laurence.
You might be interested in Dee McNamara's Facebook page and you can check out her blog also
Below is Katie McGiveron's comment left about the situation. Dee McNamara's supporters have clearly decided to go into attack mode. Any of you hoping to see a genuine reflection on the state of race relations in the City of Lake Worth will be disappointed.
Clearly Mrs. McGiveron didn't read the article published in The Lake Worth Herald