Tuesday, March 3, 2015

HYSTERIA tactic exposed in the City of Lake Worth; plus, electioneering without a disclaimer

Prior to each debate at the Lake Worth Playhouse some in the City of Lake Worth try to pull off these low, inflammatory political hoaxes to confuse the citizenry in our City; this year was no different. Read about this latest political hoax; if you have already read this, forward it to your neighbors, family, and friends: 

"The degree of one's emotions varies inversely with one's knowledge of the facts."— Bertrand Russell

You can reacquaint yourself with what is really going on with the Lake Worth Beach by reading this posted a few days ago.

Note the following image below posted just a few days ago on a website:
This is the original image of a website that directs you to a Facebook page. Later, after being made aware that this violated campaign rules, the page was changedquickly.
Note what was done which had the intent/potential to deceive and manipulate the public in the City of Lake Worth:
–Whoever created this website, either a person or group, is not identified.
–The title is an outright lie: the City Commission is not "going forward with more development on our public beach." Anything being considered is in the "idea stage", per Commissioner McVoy from an October 7, 2014 Lake Worth City Commission meeting.
–Although Commissioner McVoy and candidate Ryan Maier were mentioned on this webpage, there was no disclaimer, which is required.
–When the absence of a disclaimer was pointed out the webpage was quickly changed.
This political tactic is an old one. Remember, for example, when former Lake Worth candidate René Varela was accused of being a "Dolphin Killer" at a Lake Worth Playhouse debate? This is an example of what these people are capable of:

[There is more to say on this; will update later]

Amazingly, when directed to a Lake Worth Facebook about the Lake Worth Beach from this deceitful website, one comment managed to get by this Facebook page's censors that explains what is really happening, a little over a week before elections in the City of Lake Worth:
Please share this information with your neighbors, family and friends.