Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Did you catch this story from Brian Entin at Channel 5/WPTV about the Lake Worth Beach/Casino?

Watch video here: Changes Coming to Lake Worth Beach?

This is an excellent report by Brian Entin. Question: how much are you as a taxpayer willing to subsidize a complex with a failed business plan?

The Lake Worth Beach/Casino is losing money and is deeply in debt. All thanks to a previous commission and a city manager (since fired) that didn't know what they were doing. You might recognize a familiar face in the picture below:
What's interesting is this: since this photo was taken there has never been a reunion by those responsible to celebrate their work. It's like they all scurried from a crime scene; they hope no one remembers they were the ones responsible for the mess we have today.

Look closely at the photo above: these people have cost you a tremendous amount of money. You're still paying for their mistakes; and many others like this one here: