Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Former South Palm Beach mayor Marty Millar reported dead | www.palmbeachpost.com

I was told of this by a reliable source yesterday. The article does not include the details of the death, but that information will be forthcoming. Click title for link.
 Millar, 67, was a former police officer who spent six years on the town’s council only to resign in 2010 after a state investigation concluded he had abused his title and fined him $3,000.

Millar had a tumultuous last few years with ups - including a failed, but valiant attempt to revive a competitive ballroom dancer who collapsed near Millar’s table at the Ritz Carlton in Manalapan - and several lows, including an evening that began at Rachels Adult Entertainment and Steakhouse where Millar was accused of repeatedly invoking his title to keep him from being tossed out of the club and then to prevent his arrest. Millar eventually was driven home from a hospital by on on-duty town officer.