Wednesday, April 25, 2018

TRAFFIC ALERT IN THE LITTLE CITY OF LAKE WORTH: Starting this week drive carefully in the POC.

“Beginning on Monday, April 23rd Boutwell Road [in the POC] will be closed between 7th Ave. North and 10th Ave. North to allow for exciting expansion work to take place. Local traffic will still be able to proceed but all others should follow the detour route according to signage.”

—For more information about the City of Lake Worth’s Park of Commerce (POC) please click on this link.

Very important traffic
information follows!

For those who like to use Boutwell Rd. regularly as a shortcut, please share this news with everyone you know in the following areas and others who may be impacted by this road construction:

  • Residents of the City of Lake Worth east of Lake Osborne Drive, especially those in an area called the “Hermit Kingdom”.
  • Teachers, staff, and students at Palm Beach State College located in suburban Lake Worth.
  • Campers, RV residents, County staff and employees in the County’s spectacular John Prince Park.
  • Residents in the nearby Village of Palm Springs and customers of John Smith Subs.
  • A protest or two cannot be ruled out. So watch out for people carrying silly signs, banging pots and pans, and yelling, “Waterman was right proposing agricultural use for that land!
  • If you have business in the POC — or are visiting someone who lives in the area — and you see a chicken crossing the road click on this link to find out, “Why did that chicken cross Boutwell Rd. heading east to west?”
  • For residents in suburban Lake Worth along Helena and Lynnwood drives and Helyn Rd. this will be a temporary nuisance but will end up another good reason to be annexed by the City of Lake Worth. Just please remember our mayor’s name is Pam Triolo, not ‘Triollo’ or ‘Trillo’.
  • Scientists, researchers and surveyors exploring the L-4 (“Keller” Canal) between Lake Osborne and the C-51 Canal in preparation for the Blueway Trail and creating more public access on waterways in Palm Beach County.
  • The nightly crews with metal detectors and probes still searching for that $5M in cash that was rumored to have been stuffed down a gopher tortoise hole three years ago.

Please check back later on today and tomorrow for more areas that will be impacted by this road work on Boutwell Rd. and others that may be affected starting next week in the POC.

The photo below is a view of the groundbreaking ceremony on March 8th at Boutwell Rd.

Click on image to enlarge. This was a very good day for Lake Worth’s Vice Mayor Pro Tem Scott Maxwell (second from right in dark blue shirt):
All kidding aside, it’s very important to remember the work on Boutwell Rd. is funded by a Federal EDA grant of $1.39M in 2016 and $1.4M from the State of Florida that passed in this year’s State Budget. For more information please contact Mr. Ben Kerr, the Citys PIO at 561- 586-1631 or by email:

Hope you enjoy this very brief eight-second YouTube video below!

From left to right are commissioners Herman Robinson and Omari Hardy (both are seeking re-election on March 12th, 2019), Mayor Pam Triolo, Vice Mayor Pro Tem Scott Maxwell, and City Manager Michael Bornstein (Vice Mayor Andy Amoroso was unable to attend):