Tuesday, November 29, 2016

How does a reporter misspell a mayor’s name? Twice! And there’s more from CBS12: “Where am I?”

One of the clues, if you didn’t know, that it’s getting close to election season in Lake Worth are the number of CBS12/WPTV news vehicles driving around town. Every now and then they’ll do a decent news segment. However, remember that fuss about the “ ‘Backroom’ Beach Development Proposals”? A classic even by the standards of CBS12.

Anyhow, this is a decent news segment by Mike Magnoli from earlier this year on the very complex issue of the City’s Casino complex at the Beach but with two glaring errors. How did the reporter misspell the last name of Mayor Pam TRIOLO? Not once BUT TWICE!

“Mayor Pam Triollo said.”?

Here is an excerpt from the text of the segment:

     “It [the Casino] can be [profitable] with proper business handling this building will be profitable or the very least, pay for itself.” Mayor Pam Triollo said.
     Right now the city is battling with the architect and contractor. And with an election a month away, the casino has become a barb to throw from the aspiring political set at the current administration. Some say this project has been mismanaged from the start.
     “There’s been a lot of misconceptions over this project and if anybody has any questions, they can feel free to call me,Trillo said.

“Trillo”? The mayor will get a big laugh out of this. Not so sure City residents will be amused. This CBS12 story followed another one with the recurring theme, “Where am I?.

LAKE WORTH (CBS12) — A lot of homes in South Florida are built up higher than the road to keep the flooding from getting inside.
     Unfortunately, a few homes in Lake Worth, had to deal with some flooding.
     [Name removed] lives at the end of Helyn Road in Lake Worth.
     His property becomes waterfront living when the rain is heavy.

Helyn Road isn’t “in Lake Worth.” Helyn Rd. is in unincorporated Palm Beach County, or just as accurately suburban Lake Worth. Maybe some day in the future that property will be annexed into the City. Now that the bond referendum passed we might be in a position to help.

The house that flooded “in Lake Worth” that isn’t in Lake Worth is west of the E-4 Canal, also called the “Keller Canal”, that feeds into the C-51 Canal (the City’s northern municipal border with West Palm Beach):

There are some exceptions but the L-4 Canal is generally the dividing line between the City of Lake Worth and suburban Lake Worth. To all my friends at CBS12, just trying to help.