Sunday, July 30, 2017

Part 3: Tour of the Brightline Station in West Palm Beach. And. . . do you recall news about the “donut hole”?

This post today will be a look back in time to the “donut hole” with more photos of the Brightline Station (see below). To read the two previous blog posts:
  • Use this link to read Part One, the “big surprise” with a short video from the tour.
  • Use this link to read Part Two about the Brightline Station functionality, signage, traveler drop-off, and much more.
By the way, on the tour last Thursday heard and could not confirm that train schedules will be “adjusted” for big events in South Florida, e.g., Miami Dolphins football games, College football games, and other big events. Is that true? We’ll all have to wait and see.

Do you remember the “donut hole”?

Today will start off with a November 2015 news segment by Brian Entin (a former reporter for NBC5/WPTV and now with WSVN in Miami). The news report by Entin was headlined, “Donut hole in downtown West Palm Beach” (you can read the entire story and watch a video using this link).

Following Entin’s “donut” report people had a lot of fun. Somebody came across this quote from Chevy Chase in Caddyshack:

“A flute without holes is not a flute.
A donut without a hole is a Danish.”

Not long after the news from Brian Entin, we all learned that “donut hole” people made fun of, was soon to become “a Danish”. All of a sudden people started paying very close attention.

Here are excerpts from the text of the news segment back in 2015:

There is record development in Downtown West Palm Beach. But some people who live downtown still complain about what is known as the “donut hole” between Clematis and City Place. It’s darker than other, more popular areas downtown and there are some abandoned buildings and parking lots.

and. . .

Entrepreneur Tony Solo bought property in the donut hole years ago. “When I purchased the property back in 2005, that is what I was calling it. There is a donut in the city of West Palm Beach” and Solo continued, “As West Palm goes through this renaissance, this area holds the key to growth.”

Here’s the latest — 20 months after Brian Entin’s news segment — more pictures of the Brightline Station or, if you wish, “the Danish”:

A view across the facility. Brightline courteously provided an array of food and a wine/beer bar.
The tour was sponsored by the PBC Planning Congress in collaboration with the WPB Downtown Neighborhood Assoc.

 The children’s play area.
Playing and waiting for the train.
Isn’t this view remarkable? On the 2nd floor is a 360° view of the entire downtown.

Closer look of the play area.

 “Quick. Convenient. Connected.”
“Getting to your destination has never been easier

 One of the lounge areas on the second floor waiting for the train to arrive.
EVERYWHERE are charging stations, each one with 2 USBs and an electric outlet. Hope you enjoyed this post and check back soon for more pictures and information.