Thursday, August 3, 2017

Palm Beach Post headline today in the print edition, dialing back expectations?

“Solution appears forthcoming
for Lake Worth Casino’s
ailing balcony”

“Work on the Lake Worth Casino balcony
should be finished by Feb, 15. . .”

“Solution appears forthcoming”? Headline the previous day (see below) was much more confident, it read, “At last, a solution. . .”. The ailing and bedraggled 2nd floor balcony is just one issue that needs to be addressed, e.g., lost revenue over the years for empty space on the 2nd floor. Then how could this be called a “settlement”?

December 2011. Second floor of Casino under construction. Click on image to enlarge:
Post online edition headline yesterday, “At last, a solution for Lake Worth’s bedraggled beach casino balcony”. Notice the headline in the print edition today doesn’t read so confidently.

What’s not mentioned, and maybe the editor at the Post will address this soon, is something called the Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL). You see, back in 2011:

“The City’s ‘team’ worked the calculation to determine whether this project represented a ‘substantial improvement’ and came up with a valuation scheme that put the ‘new building’ below 50%: the threshold after which the building would have to meet current code standards.”

The decisions that were made back in 2011–2012 set the stage for the biggest problem of all. The horizontal red line (see image below) is the CCCL.

A significant portion of the ‘newly renovated’ Casino
is east of this line.
The answer, ultimately, is to tear down the Casino and start all over with a new site plan, a parking garage and maybe even a new aquatic facility.
Of course, after the seawall protecting it all is properly inspected.