Saturday, July 29, 2017

Tour of the Brightline Station in West Palm Beach last Thursday.

First, an observation from Yours Truly, an earlier posting on this blog:

“With the Atlantic Ocean as a barrier to the east, environmentally sensitive land (the Everglades) to the west, the Keys to the south and with the urbanized area stretching about as far north as it can go, the only way that we will be able to accommodate expected population growth and maintain some type of mobility within the region is through the re-invigoration of our train and transit alternatives.”
—A blog post titled, “Review. Development Opportunities on the FEC Corridor: An Interactive Forum”, by the Urban Land Institute, March 2013. Four years and 4 months ago.

This is just the beginning.

Next up: the Coastal Link. And later (or maybe at the same time?) addressing truck traffic on I-95, train traffic on the FEC/CSX, the U.S. 27 multi-modal corridor linking Port Miami to the Glades community in Palm Beach County. Did I miss anything?

If you haven’t already, use this link to read the
first blog post about the Brightline Station
tour last Thursday night.

It began with a big surprise. The surprise came after all the anticipated questions were first quickly answered:
Does Brightline have ticket prices? “No.” Is there a start date? “No. Are there any more specifics on funding? “No.”
Questions, no doubt, the officials at Brightline hear a thousand times a day. Heard the name Ali Soule?

More images below from the tour.
Click on all to enlarge:
Ali Soule, Brighline’s Dir. of Public Affairs (center, facing), greeted us all, members of the PBC Planning Congress and the West Palm Beach Downtown Neighborhood Assoc.

Let’s digress momentarily, have something else going on right now too. Going to a car show!

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Mr. Charles Blackman, my father, sends his greetings from Michigan. How about that car?

But I digress. Are you ready to hear, “All Aboard!”
Brightline train tickets. Some time later, “I need a ticket to Orlando, please.

After receiving a train ticket you then proceed to the upper lobby area via an escalator to the waiting rooms. This area is for ticket holders only.

Electronic turnstyles are just behind where
this picture was taken:
Quite a dashing hat, no? Henry Flagler likely wore one just like this when Henry Plant came for a visit.

Did you know Henry Flagler’s favorite
color was yellow?

Now for the functionality, when you first arrive to be dropped off at the Brightline Station some time in the hopefully near future. . .

Signage. Does one color in particular stand out?
To the lounges on the 2nd floor, arrows to “Guest Services”, and “Baggage”. There is a child play area too in the lounge area.

Once open, train travelers will be dropped off at the former section of Evernia Street, one of the areas abandoned to make way for this project.
Thank You for visiting today and hope you enjoyed reading about last Thursday’s tour and check back tomorrow for more information.

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