Monday, January 1, 2018

“Attention all L-Dubians”: A message from your City’s PIO is below.

First. . .


Yes. “L-Dubians” is the plural for a group of cool City of Lake Worth residents, Hipster Millennials and Apatharchists and can also be used to make the plural of LDub, L-DUB, ElleDub, El-Dub and the French LéDûb; for example, LDubians, Elle-Dubíans, and LéDûbyen.

Of course, the hyphen is always optional as is the use of upper- and lowercase.

For the accepted in-depth study of the word “L-Dub” click on this link.
Here is the message from Mr. Ben Kerr, the City of Lake Worth’s public information officer (PIO):

“Hey L-Dub, So I need your help. . .”

“On January 11 at 9am the City is hosting a Real Estate Agent Breakfast in the Lake Worth Casino Ballroom.
     The purpose being to help provide agents with up-to-date information about the City (rate parity, awesome events, Neighborhood Road Program, crime reduction, etc.) so that when they are selling within the City of Lake Worth they can let potential future LDubians [sic] know why they should buy here.
     What can you do?
     If you are an active Real Estate Agent then invite your colleagues, come along and take part in the event. If you are not a Real Estate Agent then please share this with any agents you might know within the County. Real Estate Agents please fill in this form to RSVP no later than January 5th and remember to invite your colleagues as well.
     Thank you and I hope this will be one more success for Lake Worth in 2018!”

Spread the word all you L-Dubians!