Sunday, November 18, 2018

“I have a question. I’m new to the City of Lake Worth. What does ‘L-Dub’ mean?”

This is a very frequent question, the
explanation is below.

You may have overheard someone saying, “I’m so happy L-Dub has a new bookstore.” This is referring to The Book Cellar, a bookstore that opened in Downtown Lake Worth late last year or maybe there was a conversation nearby and over heard, “Where did you get that cool blouse?” And the hushed response, “I found it at World Thrift. Isn’t it soooo L-Dub!

Yes, indeed, the City of Lake Worth is a very unique place in Central Palm Beach County (CPBC).

But what many in the public don’t understand — e.g., those living in unincorporated areas with a ‘Lake Worth’ zip code (correctly referred to as suburban Lake Worth), some in the press and news media that are still confused to this day, recently new residents, tourists, and visitors as well — is the difference between the City of Lake Worth and all those vast areas out west, almost to the very edge of the Everglades that some call falsely, ‘in Lake Worth’.

What follows is a short discussion about the term, or slang if you will, with real-life examples and variants of the oft-used term in this City, “L-Dub”.

City residents, especially so the Millennials and younger generations use terms like “L-Dub” and variations of the term (explained in bullet list below) to distinguish (also called “branding” in the start-up and business community) our very vibrant, charming, and special City of Lake Worth from all those cookie-cutter and boring suburbs out west in CPBC.

“L-Dub” defined and an everyday example:

  • The L is short for “Lake”.
  • DUB is short for double-“u” as in the letter “w”.
  • Hence the term L-Dub, slang for “Lake Worth”; once again, the actual City of Lake Worth, not any cookie-cutter western community in CPBC.

An example in speech, and note the variants,
explained in another bullet list below:

“Welcome to LDub! Have you been to World Thrift yet? It is soooooo cool and prices you won’t believe. And there’s a new Tacos Al Carbon L-DUB location right across the street. You made the right choice moving to LéDûb. Nobody cares about Delray any more. ElleDub is where it’s at.”

Other variations of the term “L-Dub” referring
to the actual City of Lake Worth are:

  • The Hipster feminine and formal Spanish variant, “Elle-Dub” [informal; Hipster male, “El-Dub”].
  • “LDub”, sans the hyphen, a British (199-) variant [informal, familiar].
  • The French/European Union variant [formal, proper], “LéDûb”; used in a sentence, “C′est si bon, Mademoiselle, Monsieur en charmant LéDûb.”

So. When was the last time you visited our little, vibrant, and exciting “City of Lake Worth”?

Certainly by now you’ve heard about Tacos Al Carbon and the ever-popular World Thrift just across the street where all the Millennials, Hipsters, and Apatharchists go for their clothes and accessories!

Everyone in L-Dub is looking forward to seeing you! What are you waiting for?