Friday, January 5, 2018

Generation of electricity in modern-day South Florida. But environmentalists are out of touch, out of ideas.

First a question: If you are a Lake Worth Electric Utility customer do you think your electricity is generated by the City’s power plant? The City of Lake Worth has a new solar field located on a former landfill so we’re less dependent on coal now, right? Nuclear energy too? We don’t need FPL?

Continue reading for the answers to the questions above so when you “flick the switch” next time you understand where that electricity comes from.

Are you counting on the environmental community to step in and find a way to supply your electric needs now and as our City continues to grow? Think again.

Probably nothing sums up the vacuum of ideas in the environmentalist community better than this news story from Palm Beach Post reporter Susan Salisbury, titled “FPL: Less natural gas would hurt consumers, increase coal use”. Here is an excerpt with emphasis added:

     By 2021 the new pipeline [Southeast Pipeline System] will have the capacity to deliver about 1.1 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day.
     The Sierra Club, Chattahoochee Riverkeeper and Flint Riverkeeper filed the challenge last year to FERC’s [Federal Energy Regulatory Commission] approval of the pipeline. FPL and Duke Energy Florida intervened.
     But following the ruling, FPL officials said the challenge from environmental groups is self-defeating.
     “If the Sierra Club succeeds in curtailing access to natural gas, Florida consumers would experience increased fuel costs due to more limited availability of natural gas and increased air emissions due to the continued use of older coal-fired power plants,” McDermitt [FPL spokesman Dave McDermitt] said.
     “FPL has been working to phase out three coal-burning plants in Florida, but the Sierra Club’s actions would jeopardize these plans,” McDermitt said.

So, according to the Sierra Club, our future electric needs will depend on coal? Coal from where? China maybe? Or maybe shut down all the FPL plants creating electricity from natural gas and go completely solar?

By the way, millions of people were severely impacted not having electric power after Hurricane Irma in Florida. All but a tiny few of those without power cared a whit where their electricity comes from, including the vast majority of Lake Worth Electric Utility customers.

Where does the City of Lake Worth get most of its electric power from now? Use this link to find out.

In fact, a significant amount of power purchased by the Lake Worth Electric Utility comes from coal via the Orlando Stanton #1 electric generation plant.

Fully one-third of our City’s electric power comes from natural gas (purchased from Orlando Utility Commission) and the rest is electricity from the FP&L St. Lucie nuclear electric plant. A small fraction, small now but bigger plans later on, comes from our solar energy field but that electric generation will hardly be enough to power the entire City, one which is growing in population each and every year.

The Sierra Club is good at finding problems.
But they’re not so good at finding solutions.

If the Sierra Club thinks going 100% solar energy is the answer, well, it’s not. Whilst on the subject of solar and green energy, two members of Deep Green Resistance (DGR) discuss green energy alternatives they believe have created unintended consequences (click on link to watch the video). DGR takes a sobering view of modern-day environmentalism and call out some environmental groups by name, including the Sierra Club.

In the video (use link above) a member of DGR says:

“Today we’re going to introduce you to some ideas that you’re probably familiar with already as environmentalists. But we might also be talking about some things that are surprising or even shocking to some of you.”

When you watch the video by DGR, many of you will indeed be shocked by what you hear. However, the strategy by the Sierra Club has never been to keep your electric bill affordable. Because if it was, the Sierra Club would be working with FPL, not filing lawsuit after lawsuit against them.

By the way, have you ever seen a press release from the Sierra Club praising the City of Lake Worth Electric Utility for our new solar field and moving forward with sustainable and diverse “Distributed Energy: The Lake Worth Solution”?